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№3, 2022


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    • Vasilyeva L.M., Rabazanov N.I.  Modern problems of artificial reproduction of sturgeon in the Volga‐Caspian basin

    • Nabozhenko M.V., Gagarina L.V., Chigray I.A., Nabozhenko S.V.  Trophic relations and ecological niches of darkling beetles of the genus Nalassus Mulsant, 1854  (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in the Caucasus and description of a new species from Abkhazia

    • Fedotova Z.A., Nakhibasheva G.M., Mukhtarova G.M., Gasangadzhieva A.G.  Phytophagous gall midges (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) of Dagestan: fauna, biology and distribution

    • Gamidova J.M., Rabadanova A.I.  The effect of pH on embryonal and larval development of the Caucasian Brown Frog, Rana macrocnemis

    • Vazhov S.V., Matsyura A.V., Vazhov V.M.  The Great spotted eagle Aquila clanga in the Altai Territory and Altai Republic, Russia

    • Ozdemirov A.A., Surov A.I., Surzhikova E.S., Khozhokov A.A., Gadzhiev Z.K.,  Evlagina D.D., Alieva E.M., Akaeva R.A.  Polymorphism of GH/HaeIII and GDF9/AsplEI genes, genetic variation and association of their genotypes  with immune status in sheep of different breeds ranched in different natural and geographic areas

    • Hovhannisyan V.S., Mirumyan L.S., Harutyunyan R.G., Avetisyan A.A., Harutyunova L.D.,  Gasparyan A.S., Magomedova M.Z., Magomedova P.D.  Biodiversity of certain invertebrates (Insecta, Molluska) of the Azat River gorge, Armenia  and their bioecological features

    • Bugaeva L.N., Kashutina E.V., Ignateva T.N.  Cryptolemus in the integrated fight against the Australian Grooved Worm (Icerya purchasi Mackall)

    • Kuzmina T.N.  The strategy of the genesis of the male generative sphere of the winter‐flowering shrub  Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl. (Oleaceae) under the conditions of the Southern coast of Crimea

    • Vostokov S.V., Pautova L.A., Saling I.V., Vostokova A.S., Ustarbekova D.A.,  Lobachev E.N., Abtahi B., Shojaei M.G.  Phytoplankton of the middle Caspian Sea: analysis of changes in the structure  of the community over the past decades

    • Ismailov A.B.  Analysis of diversity and functional traits of epiphytic lichens in Dagestan forests of different formations

    • Kazachinskaia Е.I., Chepurnov А.А., Shelemba А.А., Guseinova S.A., Magomedov M.G.,  Kononova Yu.V., Romanyuk V.V., Shestopalov А.М.  Inhibitory activity of aqueous extracts of tea compositions, individual ingredients for their preparation  and some plants against replication of Herpes simplex virus type 2 in vitro

    • Ermakova Yu.I., Kochurov B.I.  Natural landscape, historical and town‐planning factors of Khabarovsk development

    • Yakovenko N.V., Chugunova N.V.  A multi‐factor approach to assessing the socio‐economic and metropolitan environmental development  of border areas in the Central Black Soil Region of Russia (Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk regions)  in order to develop a model concept

    • Churikova A.K., Nekoval S.N.  Biological agents and their metabolites to control Meloidogyne spp. when growing vegetables (review)

    • Mezhevova A.S., Belyaev A.I.  Non‐traditional elements of the technology of agricultural crop cultivation using fertilizers‐ameliorants

    • Gadzhiev N.G., Konovalenko S.A., Trofimov M.N., Rozhkova N.V., Saipullaev A.M.  The modern green course of Russia: problems and prospects of implementation


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