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№3, 2023


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    • Fedotova Z.A., Nakhibasheva G.M., Mukhtarova G.M., Bekshokov K.S., Gasangadzhieva A.G. On the study of complexes of gall‐forming insects and mites of the fauna of Dagestan, Russia

    • Besedinа E.N., Kil V.I. Genetic variability of the pear lace bug Stephanitis pyri F. (Heteroptera: Tingidae) in Krasnodar Territory, Russia

    • Ignatieva T.N., Kashutina E.V., Bugaeva L.N., Khetagurova E.V. Replenishment of the species composition of the bioresource collection of Entomoacariphages

    • Hovhannisyan R.L., Rukhkyan M.Ya., Harutyunova L.D., Magomedova M.Z., Magomedova P.D. The fish helminth fauna of Lake Sevan during a period of water level change

    • Guseynova Z.A. Variability of morphological traits of Salvia canescens (Lamiaceae) in natural populations of Dagestan, Russia

    • Litvinskaya S.A., Gorbov S.N., Dzigunova Yu.V. Ruderal vegetation (Ruderalophyton) of transformed habitats of the Rostov‐on‐Don urban ecosystem, Russia

    • Musaev A.M., Radzhabov G.K., Aliyev A.M., Islamova F.I. Experimental study of the structure of variability of natural populations of Origanum vulgare L. from mountainous Dagestan, Russia

    • Filippova A.Yu., Fedotova M.S., Kononova Yu.V., Shestopalova L.V., Gulyaeva M.A. The study of the course of the infectious process in lungs of cats during experimental infection with SARS‐CoV‐2

    • Каzachinskaia Е.I., Коnonova Yu.V., Ivanova A.V., Zibareva L.N., Chepurnov А.А., Romanyuk V.V., Gulyaeva М.А., Shestopalov А.М. A method for obtaining aqueous and dry ethanol extracts of grass (a mixture of flowers with leaves) and a stalk of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) with inhibitory activity on the replication of the SARS‐CoV‐2 coronavirus in vitro

    • Pilip L.V., Syrchina N.V., Ashikhmina T.Ya., Kolevatykh E.P. Coliform bacteria as components in biofilm of manure effluents

    • Osipova I.P., Totmenin A.V., Bersenev P.G., Ilyina E.Yu., Lomakina E.A., Gashnikova N.M. The relevance of using methods of molecular epidemiology of HIV to characterize territorial epidemics: Sakhalin region, Russia

    • Sapozhnikov Ph.V., Kalinina O.Y., Vostokov S.V. Microplaston artificial polymers in the Miass River and Lake Turgoyak (Southern Urals, Russia) in the early stages of colonization

    • Fattakhova L.A., Reshetnikov M.V., Kuzina D.M. Distribution features of mobile forms of heavy metals and magnetic properties of soils in the Dubravniy Forest recreational area of the city of Kazan, Russia

    • Bekmurzaeva R.H., Bulaeva N.M. Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions at the WAY CARBON carbonic polygon through regenerative animal husbandry

    • Idziev G.I., Akhmedova L.Sh., Bekshokova P.A., Ataev Z.V. New regional industrial policy and environmental problems

    • Savva A.P., Telezhenko T.N., Suvorova V.A. Agroecological assessment of herbicides application on soybean crops in the central zone of Krasnodar Territory, Russia

    • Nekoval' S.N., Maskalenko O.A. Effect of the biological protection system on the composition of soil microbiota and quality of potatoes in the central agro‐climatic zone of Krasnodar Territory, Russia

    • Gadzhiev Z.K., Surzhikova E.S., Evlagina D.D., Surov A.I., Shumaenko S.N. Evaluation of the polymorphism of the GDF9 and BMP15 genes and their relationship with the reproductive functions of sheep of different breeds

    • Ozdemirov A.A., Khozhokov A.A., Huseynova Z.M., Daveteeva M.A. Analysis of polymorphisms in genes associated with milk productivity in red steppe and Caucasian brown cow breeds in two natural‐climate zones (mountains and plain) of Dagestan, Russia

    • Korneevets V.S., Semenova L.V., Yakovenko N.V. Modeling the social responsibility of the hospitality industry as a factor of sustainable development of a travel destination of the Kaliningrad region, Russia

    • Hosseini S.S., Taghvaei M., Ataev Z.V. An elaboration of obstacles and perspectives of medical tourism development taking the approach of integrated service provision (Case study: Isfahan Province, Iran)

    • Aliev S.A., Gasanguseinova Zh.A., Omarov K.H. The telomerase effect. Oncological aspects of gastric stump cancer (methodology and literature review)


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