Эконовости О компании Издания и
Авторам Реклама Подписка Контакты Архив Полезные
№ 4, 2005


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  • Section 1. Methodology of scientific studies
    • T.D. Aleksandrova “From applied and constructive geography to geoecology”.

  • Section  2. Environmental assessment and mapping.
    • N.E.Ratkin. Quantitative assessment of temporal and spatial air migrations of sulfates, nickel and copper emissions in the Murmansk Oblast. Part 2.

  • Section 3. Economics of Natural Resources Use.
    • V.N.Gusyatnikov, R.Z.Salakhutdinov, A.Yu.Somov. Ecological tax for impact of electromagnetic emanation: social-economic aspect of the problem.

  • Section 4. Land use, land planning and landscape planning
    • B.I.Kochurov, Yu.G.Ivanov, V.A.Lobkovsky. Current landuse organization and landuse management

  • Section 5. Methods of environmental studies.
    • V.N. Zolotorev. Development of optimal statistical algorithms for decision making in meteorology and ecology

    • Y.B.Kirsta, O.P.Kuznetsova, O.V.Lovtskaya. Dynamics of agroclimatic potential in Russia and the USA under conditions of current climate changes: system analysis and modeling

  • Section 6. Rational use of natural resources.
    • A.F.Mandych Current status and trends of grazing ecosystems of West Mongolia

  • Section 7. Protection of consumers’ rights.
    • A.K.Tulokhonov, L.G. Namzhilova, T.A.Borisova. Status of the environment and production of ecologically clean foodstuff in the Buryat Republic

  • Section 8. Bioecology
    • O.A.Kalacheva Species and distribution of Orthoptera: Brachycera of Dagestan

  • Section 9. Ecological technologies and innovations.
    • V.V. Ivanov,  A.V. Kochurov, V.N. Timoshin, V.M. Kornitskaya. Experience of handling mercury containing waste in the Moscow region

    • M.D. Goldfein, N.V.Kozhevnikov  Development of environmentally sound technologies in the Saratov State University

  • Section 10. Environmental monitoring
    • V.V. Anikin. Ecological status of forests in the impact area of fluoride containing industrial emissions

    • A.N. Zolotokrylin, V.V.Vinogradova, T.B.Titkova Extreme situations in zonal vegetation formations of Russia: assessment and scenarios.

  • Section 11. Recreation resources, tourism and local studies.
    • E.A.Dzhandzhugazova. Methodological approaches to the study of tourism recreation regions

  • Section 12.Discussions
    • V.F.Valkov, K.Sh. Kazeev, S.I.Kolesnikov. Considering the term “soil degradation”

  • Section 13. References and reviews
    • Section 14. News of our planet.


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