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№3, 2022


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • O.V. Vityazeva, L.A. Naumova. Dynamics of the regime and balance of nutrition of students in the conditions of distance learning and self-isolation

    • R.Ramadan, E.B.Taller, I.I.Vasenev. Ecological assessment of water quality in the Middle and Lower Fermsky ponds in the territory of the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

    • N. N. Nazarenko, I. D. Svistova, L.V. Bryndina. Contribution of the biogenic factor to the phytotoxic activity of soils in the city of Voronezh

    • V. I. Radomskaya, L. P. Shumilova. Biochemical weathering of rocks by the example of the albyn gold deposit (Priamurye)

    • V.B.Ermolik. Fallow lands are a valuable biotechnical resource when creating large feeding areas for wild artiodactyls in state nature reserves

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • V.T. Starozhilov. Russian landscape use: the role of practitioners passportization of landscapes in solving the tasks of the indication stage in the development of territories

    • T. K. Petrovskaya, A.A. Evseeva. Current state of agricultural land in Russia

  • Section 3. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • Z.I. Kurieva, E.I. Golubeva. Environmental and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nur-Sultan

    • N.V. Tatarenko, O.O. Dakhova, M.A. Nastueva.Geography of crop industries of Kabardino-Balkarian republic

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • G. A. Fomenko, A. A. Romanovskaya, M. A. Fomenko, K. A. Loshadkin, E. V. Klimov, O. N. Lipka, V. N. Korotkov, A. S. Aldoshina. Forest carbon projects: opportunities and problems of implementing the ESG principles. Part 2

    • V.Y. Il'ichev, S.A. Kusacheva, I. N. Lykov. Development of automated methodology for determining the composition of emissions when using different types of gaseous fuels

    • Yu.I. Ermakova. Ecological renovation as a method for restoring the natural landscape in the territory of the city of Khabarovsk


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