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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • V. I. Radomskaya, N. A. Borodina, D. V. Yusupov. Distribution of heavy metals on the background soils of the Amur-Zeya plain and the degree of pollution in the soil profiles of the city of Blagoveshchensk

    • A.I.Baitelova, N.N.Rakhimova, S.D. Rakhimova. Integrated assessment of the ecological state of the surface waters of the Ilek District

    • L. M. Pavlova. Influence of different methods of mining gold deposits on the biogeochemical mobility of chemical elements: a case study of the Amur region deposits

    • A.A.Moiseeva, V.F.Kuksanov, O.V.Chekmareva, I.V.Shavrina. Investigation of the properties of solid residues from thermal disposal of waste of the carbonitration process

    • G.V. Chernova, L.V. Shiryaeva, N.V. Ergolskaya. Variability of indicators of hematological signs of newborn children as a reflection of fluctuations of some helio-climatic factors

    • E.Zh. Makazhanov. Reintroduction of animals and birds in hunting farms in the territory of the green belt of Astana

    • B.A.Uzorova, A. A.Kulagin. Biotopic distribution of synanthropic birds of the family Corvidae in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • V.P. Petrishchev, Yu.A. Gulyanov, I.G.Yakovlev, N.V.Petrishcheva, A.S.Yakovlev. Assessment of the features of landscape differentiation by analyzing the distribution of the NDVI index in agricultural land

    • R.O. Kalov, R.A. Gakaev. The place of natural grass ecosystems in the global carbon balance

    • I.V. Kudelina, T.V. Leont’eva, M.V. Fatyunina, M.F. Khusainova. Ecological state of the Buzuluk Pine Forest hydrosphere

    • N. F.Chistyakova, B. I. Kochurov, A. V.Ovchinnikova. Water quality of the irtysh river in the conditions of transboundary water use

    • A.Kh. Ashikkaliev, I.G. Yumakaeva. Cadastral assessment of agricultural lands taking into account soil and environmental characteristics as a way of effective land management: a case study of the Orenburg Region

    • V.N. Bocharnikov, D.V. Chernykh, N. I. Bykov, D.A. Dirin, A.V. Myadzelets, A.N. Fartyshev, A.V. Suvorova, E.A. Sherin, O.V. Valeeva, T.K. Muzychenko. Russia as an ecological civilization: conceptual basis of a model (South Siberia)

  • Section 3. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • N. V. Yakovenko, N. V. Chugunova. Model of development of regional settlement systems of border regions of the Central Soil Region (Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod) for the future, taking into account the demographic and settlement forecast

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • A.L. Chepalyga, G.V. Trebeleva, V.A. Lobkovskiy, L.G. Lobkovskaya, T.A. Sadchikova, D.G. Yurkov, V.G. Yurkov. Field geoarchaeological investigations of North-Western Colchis to reconstruct the historical and cultural landscape of the territory in the antique and medieval periods

    • Z.B. Latipova, D.D. Davletberdin. Geo-ecological assessment of anthropogenic changes to mountain and forest landscapes in Bashkortostan

    • T. I. Burtseva, A.I. Baytelova,  G. I. Burtsev, L. P. Levchenko, E. A. Selezeneva. Assessment of selenium emission risk as a result of oil extraction and refining

    • V.P. Petrishchev, T.V. Leont’eva, N.P. Galyanina, N.V. Petrishcheva, V.A. Nosyrev. Overview of geological technologies of carbon dioxide burial and transportation

    • N.P. Galanina, I.A. Zozulenko. Geo-ecological features of the formation of spring effluents within the carboniferous aquifer complex of the eastern part of the Orenburg region

    • R.A. Sharafutdinov, I.V. Borisova, V.L. Gavrikov, A.I. Pyzhev, A.R. Mitev, Y.N. Zakharinsky. Changes in the approaches when imposing restrictions on ground machinery driving in the Arctic Zone of the Krasnoyarsk Region in a snowless season

  • Section 5. Anniversaries


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