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Авторам Реклама Подписка Контакты Архив Полезные
№ 3, 2005


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  • Section 1. Methodology of scientific studies
    • L.K.Kazakov. Concept and methodological interactions in natural science and humanitarian interpretations of term “landscape”

    • V.B.Pozdeev. On the history of geoecology: phases of ecological approach development in natural sciences including geography

  • Section  2. Environmental assessment and mapping.
    • N.E.Ratkin. Quantitative assessment of temporal and spatial air migrations of sulfates, nickel and copper emissions in the Murmansk Oblast. Part 1.

    • T.G. Tsukanova. Impact of prisoner camps on the environment

    • E. Grigoryeva, L. Derkacheva, V. Tunegolovets. Methodical approaches to an estimation of the space-temporal changes of the atmosphere self-clean ability in the Southern part of the Russian Far East

  • Section 3. Economics of Natural Resources Use.
    • I.V.Bunchuk. Main trends of ecological-economic development of Kamchatka Oblast.

  • Section 4. Methods of environmental studies.
    • O.A.Kalacheva Fauna and ecological features of Locusts (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) in the Low Volga Area.

  • Section 5. Rational use of natural resources.
    • Z. Atayev.Territorial organization of local energy sources

  • Section 6. Ecological rating.
    • A.Y.Reteyum. Russia’s regions in the context of the sustainable development concept. Part 1

  • Section 7. Ecological technologies and innovations.
    • V.V. Denisov, V.V. Gutenev, A.I. Azhgirovich. The paper discusses potential for using sulfur air emissions as a sulfuric acid meliorant for the solonez soil

  • Section 8. Recreation resources, tourism and local studies.
    • L.P.Basanets. Development of Ecotourism in Latin America

    • N.A.Emelyanova. Recreation and tourism in protected natural areas of Mordovia

    • O.V.Savchenko. Ethnography and nature use in Samara Region

    • E.Y.Tyrkasova. Development of recreation in “Samara Luka” national park

  • Section 9. Waste of production and consumption
    • M.V. Dabakhov. Impact Assessment of Industrial waste disposal

  • Section 10. News of our planet


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