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№4, 2020


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    • M. V. Korolkov, A. G. Mazhuga Fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation to create a new industry for industrial waste processing

    • O. E. Muratov Handling problems of depleted uranium hexafluoride (review)

    • V. A. Kotok, V. L. Kovalenko General information on the recycling of chemical power sources. Complex recycling of lead-acid batteries .

    • E. I. Karpenko, N. I. Sanzharova, A. V. Panov Algorithm for implementing the program of radioecological monitoring of the environment in the vicinity of nuclear and radiation-hazardous facilities

    • A. S. Olkova, E. V. Mahanova Comparative analysis of the ecological state of soils near waste landfills of different periods of operation

    • A. S. Lokhov, M. G. Gubaidullin, V. B. Korobov, A. G. Tutygin Geographical and ecological land zoning of onshore oil pipeline location by level of hazard to environment from emergency oil spills in Arctic region

    • A. M. Dregulo, V. Z. Rodionov HELCOM “hot spots”: cattle-breeding complex “Pashskiy”as the object of accumulated environmental damage

    • S. L. Fuks, V. Y. Filatov, S. V. Khitrin, S. V. Devyaterikova Study of the possibility of reducing mercury contamination of the soil layer at the industrial zone of the chemical enterprise

    • A. G. Mazhuga, V. A. Kolesnikov, D. A. Sakharov, M. V. Korolkov Technogenic waste of I and II hazard classes – a resource for obtaining secondary products

    • S. Yu. Gorbunova, I. N. Gudvilovich Cultivation of Spirulina platensis (Nordst.) Geitler on waste water of poultry farms

    • A. K. Mazitova, I. A. Sukhareva, A. F. Aminova, G. G. Yagafarova, R. I. Khangildin, E. G. Mukhametzyanova Oxidative method of wastewater treatment of woodworking industry enterprises

    • A. S. Makarova, А. N. Fedoseev Stabilization of mercury from mercury-containing waste with sulfur and pyrite

    • A. A. Nester, O. O. Nikitin, O. V. Romanishina, V. V. Mysliborskiy, S. V. Ataev, O. S. Tyutyunnik, N. M. Gordiy Economic effect of environmental safety of galvanic production

    • G. K. Bozarova, A. E. Khachaturov The place of biodegradable polymers in the total volume of plastics production

    • N. P. Tarasova, A. A. Zanin, P. S. Sobolev, A. N. Pavlyuk “Green” methods for recycling of sulfur-containing waste

    • V. G. Petrov, N. E. Suksin Disposal of solid waste from electroplating production for applying zinc coatings

    • R. K. Zakirov, F. Y. Akhmadullina, E. S. Balymova Prospects for sonochemical treatment of wastewater containing synthetic surfactants

    • Y. V. Kobeleva, А. S. Sirotkin, T. V. Vdovina, N. N. Shurgalina, E. I. Sidorova Iron-based nanostructured reagents in the processes of biological wastewater treatment

    • O. P. Druzhakina, I. L. Bukharina, A. G. Kovalchuk Waste disposal in the Udmurt Republic: analysis of the raw material base and current trends

    • L. V. Kondakova, E. V. Dabakh, A. P. Kislitsina Biocoenosis formation on technogenic wastes

    • L. A. Nikolaeva, N. E. Aikenova Adsorption purification of phenol-containing wastewater from oil refineries

    • N. V. Syrchina, L. V. Pilip, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, N. N. Bogatyryova Rational utilization of sulfuric acid waste generated during chlorine production

    • I. A. Zyryanov, A. P. Pozolotin, А. G. Budin, E. V. Kantor, A. S. Vladykin The experimental investigation of the electrostatic field influence on carbon monoxide and nitric oxide exhausting during the polymer combustion

    • T. А. Trifonova, A. А. Martsev, O. G. Selivanov Gas-air emissions from glass container production as a risk factor for public health

    • I. G. Shirokikh, Y. I. Nazarova, A. A. Shirokikh, E. V. Tovstik, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Screening of streptomycetes-cellulolytics for processing crop production waste

    • A. P. Baranov, M. I. Lunev, L. P. Voronina Modification of a bioassay with enchitreides for ecotoxicological assessment of contaminated soil

    • L. I. Domracheva, S. G. Skugorevа, Т. Ya. Аshikhmina, S. Yu. Ogorodnikova, L. V. Kondakova, E. O. Velikoredchanina, A. V. Korotkova, A. L. Kovina The use of waste activated sludge for the treatment of waste water contaminated with heavy metals

    • E. Gilazhov, A. Saginayev, M. Urazgaliyeva, A. Aronova, S. Izgaliyev New approach to utilization of oil-polluted soil

    • E. Kh. Sakaeva, L. V. Rudakova Assessment of the biological activity of industrial soils based on drill slurries for reclamation of disturbed lands

    • M. A. Shumilova, V. G. Petrov A new approach to developing a remediation plan for soil contaminated with industrial waste

    • E. I. Tikhomirova, A.V. Alekshashin, A. V. Koshelev, O. V. Atamanova Development of technological solutions and methods for obtaining humic-mineral compositions for the tasks of recultivation of oil-contaminated areas

    • B. I. Kochurov, E. A. Blinova Assessment of ecological impacts of using polymer products

    • O. V. Nikitin, V. Z. Latypova, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, R. S. Kuzmin, E. I. Nasyrova, I. I. Haripov Microscopic particles of synthetic polymers in freshwater ecosystems: review and the current state of the problem

    • I. S. Sazykin, T. N. Azhogina, L. E. Khmelevtsova, M. I. Khammami, M. A. Sazykina Role of wastewater treatment plants in distribution of antibiotic resistance genes

    • A. G. Mazhuga, V. A. Kolesnikov, D. O. Lemeshev, T. V. Konkova, M. V. Korolkov, A. V. Kolesnikov Training of personnel for solving the problem of neutralization of man-made waste of I and II hazard classes

    • Y. M. Gordeeva Waste management law and policy: global trends and European Union experience

    • M. V. Korolkov The state information system for accounting and control over the management of waste of I and II hazard classes

    • E. I. Tikhomirova The second All-Russian scientific and public forum “Environmental Foresight”

    • T. Ya. Ashikhmina, S. Yu. Ogorodnikova Environmental forum in the Vyatka region


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