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№2 2021


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    • V. S. Artamonova Phytobiomes in the technogenic environment (review)

    • Т. I. Kutyavina, Т. Ya. Аshikhmina Current state and problems of monitoring of surface water bodies in Russia (review)

    • A. S. Olkova, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Factors of obtaining representative results of bioassay of aquatic environments (review)

    • E. B. Mel’nikova, A. N. Serebrennikov, A. V. Melnikov A method for assessing the productivity of marine areas by the integrated intensity of bioluminescence of the planktonic community

    • M. N. Artamonova, N. I. Potaturkina-Nesterova, B. B. Kostishko The stability assessment of the morphological and functional characteristics of rhizospheric strains of Bacillus subtilis using atomic force microscopy

    • O. A. Plotnikova Improvement of fluorometric method for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons determination in environmental objects

    • B. I. Kochurov, P. I. Merkulov, S. V. Merkulova, S. E. Hljovina Influence of modern climate changes on the regional agroecosystems of the Republic of Mordovia

    • E. V. Maksyutova, L. B. Bashalkhanova, L. M. Korytny, A. A. Sorokovoi Natural-climatic factors in ecological zoning of the city of Irkutsk

    • M. A. Studenova, I. I. Studenov, D. V. Chupov, A. S. Samodov Zoobenthos of the Severnaya Dvina River delta

    • I. A. Belozertseva, I. B. Vorobyeva, N. V. Vlasova, D. N. Lopatina, M. S. Yanchuk Ecological condition of the coast of the Maloe More strait and its influence on pollution of Lake Baikal

    • N. V. Likhanova Biodiversity and mycorrhizal formation of medicinal plants in the fallow areas of the Botanical garden

    • K. A. Bezdenezhnykh, L. V. Kondakova, E. V. Dabakh, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Algological monitoring of soils in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy”

    • Yu. S. Glyaznetsova Features of transformation of old oil pollution in the soils of the Arctic zone of Yakutia

    • E. Yu. Kryazheva, E. M. Lapteva, N. V. Badulina, S. V. Deneva, Yu. V. Kholopov, G. G. Osadchaya Assessment of аnthropogenic pollution by heavy metals and arsenic in soils of Ukhta city (Komi Republic)

    • A. V. Kaverin, A. V. Kiryushin, D. A. Masserov Ecologization of agricultural science and production – agricultural ecology – agricultural econology (in the light of the scientific heritage of N. F. Reymers)

    • N. V. Syrchina, N. N. Bogatyreva, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, G. Ya. Kantor Tailings of enrichment of phosphorites of the Vyatka-Kama deposit as secondary material resources for the production of natural fertilizers

    • A. A. Kalinin, D. S. Davidyuk, N. A. Bokov, R. I. Abubakirova, A. A. Shirokikh Effect of the new biological product created on the basis of Trichoderma on soil microorganisms and plants of different taxons

    • I. G. Shirokikh, Ya. I. Nazarova, N. A. Bokov, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Comparative characteristics of the growth and cellulase activity of streptomycetes on different substrates

    • I. U. Ivanova, D. A. Dementiev Influence of microbiological preparations on yield of spring soft wheat

    • S. S. Khruschev, Т. V. Drozdenko, Т. Yu. Plyusnina, I. V. Тimofeev, D. A. Todorenko, E. I. Tikhomirova, Т. К. Аntal Heavy metal toxicity detection in phytoplankton by using neural network analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence induction

    • M. M. Gertsen, E. D. Dmitrieva Binding capacity of humic substances of peats in the relation to petroleum products in the presence of microorganisms of the genus Rhodococcus in aqueous media

    • I. V. Trusei, Yu. L. Gurevich, V. P. Ladygina, S. V. Fadeev Stimulation of indigenous aerobic microflora for bioremediation of soils polluted with petroleum products

    • M. S. Tretyakova, L. A. Belovezhets, L. G. Sokolova, S. Yu. Zorina, Yu. A. Markova Effect of rhizospheric oil-degrading bacteria on the biological state of oil-polluted soil

    • N. A. Ushakova, S. V. Zinovieva, Zh. V. Udalova, A. I. Bastrakov, A. I. Butenko The biodisposal of organic waste by larvae of the black soldier fly Hermetia illucens and the possibility of using the formed zoocompost against phytonematodes

    • A. A. Krivushina, T. V. Bobyreva, J. S. Goryashnik, T. V. Yakovenko, A. B. Laptev Micromycetes on polymeric materials under natural conditions of warm humid climate and simulated tropical climate conditions .

    • А. V. Sonina Ecological and substrate characteristics of epilithic group of lichens in the conditions of the North-West of Russia

    • L. I. Domracheva, S. G. Skugoreva, A. I. Korotkikh, Yu. S. Zabubenina, L. V. Trefilova, A. L. Kovina, E. A. Domnina, A. S. Timonov Growth and development of Lupine angustifolia L. in the presence of lichen biota

    • L. N. Pak Evaluation of survival and growth of larch (Larix) progeny of different geographical origin in Eastern Transbaikalia

    • I. А. Likhanova, Т. N. Pystina, G. S. Shushpannikova, G. V. Zheleznova Reforestation of lichen pine forests at the open pits in the middle taiga of the North-East of European part of Russia

    • A. S. Lelekov, A. B. Borovkov, I. N. Gudvilovich, T. M. Novikova, A. L. Avsiyan, O. A. Memetshaeva, R. P. Trenkenshu Estimation of Dunaliella salina Teod. maximum productivity under natural illumination

    • S. Yu. Gagaev, S. G. Denisenko, A. V. Sikorsky, N. А. Strelkova, E. A. Frolova Pechora Sea polychaete worms: biodiversity and spatial distribution

    • С. В. Пестов, Д. А. Филиппов Структура хортобионтной энтомофауны среднетаёжного болота (Вологодская область) ..............Э. И. Бознак, А. Б. Захаров Изменение ростовых процессов европейского хариу- са тиманского водотока в условиях неконтролируемой эксплуатации

    • N. P. Savinykh, S. V. Shabalkina, O. N. Perestoronina Features of the allocation of high conservation values of type “Rare ecosystems and habitats” for certification of forests of the Kirov region

    • О. E. Chezlova, А. A. Volchak Elimination of fecal indicator bacteria in soils at repeated irrigation with livestock waste

    • XVI All-Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation “Ecology of the native land: problems and ways to solve them”


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