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№1, 2022


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • V.A. Zhigulsky, V.F. Shuisky, Е.Yu. Chebykina, V.A. Fedorov, А.А. Uspenskiy, V.V. Panichev. The impact of hydraulic works and structures in the Neva Bay on macrophyte thickets ecosystems

    • Zh.B. Tekebayeva, А.А. Кulagin,  G.N. Bissenova, R.R. Beisenovа, Z.S. Sarmurzina.  Study of the role of probiotics against pathogenic bacteria of the genus Aeromonas and Pseudomonas in carp aquaculture in vitro

    • A.S. Domakhina, A.V. Korsakov, V.P. Troshin. Comparative assessment of the cytogenetic status of pregnant women living in the conditions of the increased chemical pollution of the atmospheric air

    • V.K.Khlyustov, A.M.Ganikhin. Assessment of the influence of the physical and chemical composition of soils on the growth of forest plantations

    • G. G. Khamidullina, A. A. Kulagin, I. R. Rakhmatullina, A.N. Davydichev, G. N. Shakirova, L. R. Khusainova. Assessment of forest cultures of pine in different ecological growing conditions in the republic of Bashkortostan

    • I. I. Shepelev, E. I. Zhukov, E. N. Eskova, E. V. Kiryushin. Prospective use of wastes from gas purification facilities of alumina production

    • E. A. Artemyeva. The northern molerat Ellobius talpinus (Pallas, 1770) as an indicator of the safety of the landscapes and soils in the steppe regions of the Southern Urals

    • M.V. Petrova. Basidiomycetes with anti-cancer properties of the Sterlitamaksky district

    • E.A. Eremeeva, N.B. Leonova. Dynamics of vascular plants species located near the northern boundaries of the area in the south of the Arkhangelsk Region

    • T.A.Lacko, T.A.Zubkova, S.M. Malovichko, N.V.Popova. Biological features of Maclura pomifera (Rafin.) Schneider in the conditions of the south of the European part of Russia

    • G.E.Artamonov, V.A.Gutnikov, I.I.Vasenev. Environmental assessment on “green projects” criteria for thermal power plants in the Russian Federation

    • M.Y. Glukhovskaya, T.A. Evstifeeva, M.Y. Garitskaya, O.S. Ishanova. Climatic aspects of the arid zone ecosystem sustainability

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • R.E. Petrov, S.V. Karsanaev, T.С. Maximov. The stabilizing role of the shrub layer of the tundra biogeocenoses of the North-East of Russia

    • L.I.Boytsenyuk, M.A.Khrustaleva, S.V.Suslov, B.S.Krivosheya. Conservation of unique phytocenoses of the national parks to create an environmentally friendly landscape framework

    • L.E. Lukianov, T.M. Krasovskaya. The impact of light pollution on birds’ habitats in the Vorobyovy Gory Nature Reserve (Moscow)

    • R.O. Kalov, R.S. Elmurzaev. The practical importance of using phytoclimatic information to improve the sustainability of economic activities in the mountains

    • M.V. Zakharova. Cluster analysis of pollutant emissions in the Kaluga Region

  • Section 3. Geoecology
    • A.|I.Bancheva, Yu.S.Greenfeldt. Land cover transformation and related environmental issues in Australia and Argentina

    • А. P. Pakusina, T. P. Platonova. Changes in the hydrochemical indicators of the small rivers in the agriculturaly developed territory during the flood period of 2021

    • G.G. Kozlova, S.A. Onina, L.V. Solominova. Study of analytical indicators of soil of the territories of sucker-rod pumping units in the Birsk district of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    • N. G.  Rozlomiy. Features of determining the hemerobility of the coastal territories: a case study of the forests of the green zone of the Vladivostok agglomeration

    • G.A.Afanasyeva,  T.M.Panchenko. Sanatorium and Resort Sphere in the Russian Federation: Relevance and Prospects

    • A.T.Naprasnikov, V.T.Dmitrieva. From nature management to environmental management: historical and modern overview

    • G.V. Trebeleva, A.S. Kizilov. Localization of the Late Antique and Medieval Hagia Sophia on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus


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